The Fast Way to Jesus – Episode 2 – Experimental Christian

Fasting is considered one of the most drastic spiritual disciplines….especially in America.  So what does happen when you stop eating and start pursuing Jesus?

This week I decided to do a five-day fast.  I gave up everything, but water, juice, and coffee with honey.  While I didn’t have any visions from heaven, I did learn some pretty good lessons.

I have done fasts in the past, but it has been a long time since I’ve done one.  I believe that Bible reading and prayer are the to most fundamental spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith.  So last week I decided to do the New Testament Challenge, and this week I decide to focus on praying…by fasting.

As always, I hope my journey helps you grow closer to Jesus.

Here are some links for some helpful content if you want to fast yourself.

How to Survive Your First Fast

A Personal Guide to Fasting from Cru

  • Daniel Stephens

    Great work. Do you know anyone who’s tried a fast-til-dinner approach? I’ve found that to be a kind of middle ground that gets me to do the spiritually beneficial stuff without going all the way to the point of hangry.

    • Greg Qualls

      Yeah. I’ve done it a few times as well. The main point is to pursue Jesus. If that is one meal or 40 days, it doesn’t matter. I would recommend trying a longer fast though. You would be surprised with what you can do and what you might learn. I get hangry pretty easily. But I don’t get hangry when I fast…most of the time.

      • Daniel Stephens

        Indeed. For those times that you do get hangry, how much (on a scale of 1-10) would you say it interferes with the spiritual objective of the fast? If you allow yourself juice or smoothies during your fast, do the carbs help you to not get hangry? If you allow yourself coffee with creamer, does the fat from the creamer help you to not get hangry? I have a theory that it’s generally carb intake that prevents hangryness. That’s why people generally allow juice or small fruit servings during a fast, so that they don’t get so grumpy that it impairs their main goal.

        • Greg Qualls

          I don’t think it’s the carbs that make me hangry. I’ve done diets where I don’t touch carbs or sugar at all…but I get hangry. I think the equation for hanger is hunger + selfishness = hanger. When I feel like a deserve the food and that those around me are keeping me from getting it…that is when the hanger kicks in. Carbs can’t overcome my selfishness in the end. That is what I think I don’t get hangry when I’m fasting…because I don’t expect food.