The Challenge of the New Testament – Episode 1 – Experimental Christian

What happens when you decide to read through the entire New Testament in one week?  What will happen to a person when they read that much scripture?  Do you grow a unicorn horn?  You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

So if you want to do this, if you want to read through the New Testament in one week. Or even if you just want to improve on your daily Bible reading, I have three tips I got for you.

Have a Plan

First thing I would recommend is you need to have a plan. When I say a plan, I’m not meaning this general, “Oh I plan on reading my Bible tomorrow.”

When I say plan, I mean be very specific.

What time are you going to read your Bible?
For how long are you going to read your Bible?
Where are you going to read your Bible?

For me I hold up in my garage, and I have a little set up in there with my Bible.

So having a time and a place was very important.

Knowing what books of the Bible you’re going to read or what passages for that day is also important.

Here is the reading plan that I used to read through the New Testament in seven days.  I structured it this way for two reasons.  I didn’t want to end in the middle of any books.  I wanted to read through whole books in one setting.  I also wanted to put more reading up front.  This way I could to catch up later if I needed.

New Testament in one week plan.

Day 1 – Matthew and Mark
Day 2 – Luke
Day 3 – Acts
Day 4 – John
Day 5 – Romans – 2 Cor
Day 6 – Galations – Hebrews
Day 7 – James – Revelation

So the first thing is have a plan. A detailed plan of what you’re going to do.

Be Prepared

By being prepared, I mean getting up early in the morning is not going happen if you have a bunch of excuses.

The night before, I got into bed early. I was in bed generally by 9 like 9:30 and trying to fall asleep by 10.
There were a few rare exceptions, but most of the time I stuck to my plan.  I had my coffee pot ready to go. I had where I was reading. I had my Bible set up and ready to go there. I had things cleaned out so I wouldn’t be distracted.

Be prepared. Take away any kind of excuses or distractions that would stop you from reading your Bible.

Have a Purpose

If you don’t know why you’re doing this, you’re going to give up along the way.

So for me my purpose changed as I went along. My first purpose was to read through the New Testament in a week. Because I had that purpose, I had a focus, a goal, and I was working towards that.

You can have multiple purposes. Multiple “why’s” in why you’re doing this.  So mine started off in just getting through the New Testament. As I went I was like, “ohh I want to pursue Jesus in this. That’s the idea behind doing this Experiment Christian.”

I hope this episode was helpful for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Also let me know if you are going to do the New Testament Challenge yourself.  I found one guy who actually read the whole New Testament in one day….maybe next time.

  • Windy

    When I saw your title “Experimental Christian” it was intriguing to me. I began my relationship with Jesus at an early age also. I have always felt that much of my journey as a Christian has been experimental. Let’s face it, although we do have a wonderful instruction book on how to be a christian it is often like reading an owners manual to a new DVD player or computer system (if you’re not technically inclined). As a young Christian I had a hard time understanding how anyone could spend hours reading, let alone understanding, the word of God. I am now 57 and when I read the Bible it is amazing to me how much I understand, and how enjoyable it is to read. I guess some people have to grow into it. It also helps, as you said, to become friends with the writers of the books. Who they were and how they grew in their journey of faith.