What is this all about? – Episode 0 – Experimental Christian

This is the heart behind Experimental Christian. Sometimes you lose sight of where you started. Sometimes you need to get out of the rut and start over.

I’ve kind of had this passion to start something recently. A passion to do something new with my life. Really what came down to is that my wife said, “Greg you’re not really passionate about anything. You’re good at learning new things, but as soon as you learn them, you’re kind of done with it. You want to go on to the next thing.” and then she paused.

She said, “The only thing that I’ve every seen about you that you’re passionate about. She said, “you’re passionate about the church and about Jesus. And that’s always stayed the same.”

And it got me thinking. Thinking about my walk with Jesus. My relationship with him.

I had a teacher, Bill Clem, who taught Spiritual Formations..on how to grow in your walk with Christ…how to grow closer to Jesus. One of things he said is that he has to personally change things up.

For him to do a spiritual discipline for a while, it will kind of lose its purpose in his heart and in his mind. I’m kind of the same personality.

All this is clicking in my head…spiritual disciplines, trying new things, doing all this. And it’s like, “You know what?! That’s what I’m going to do.”

I want to experiment with my christianity. I want to experiment with my walk with Jesus. I want to improve upon it and I don’t want to be satisfied with the general answers out there.

And on top of that I don’t want to do this alone. I want to help other people do the same thing. Because if I’m feeling this way there has to be other people who feel the same way too. I’m not the only one on this journey. I’m not only one out there that feels apathetic and tired of just living the normal christian life.

So this is the fruition of my plan.  Every week I will come out with a video podcast that talks about a new spiritual discipline, a spiritual habit, or a faith moment or action or something that I did. That I challenged myself to do. And I will share that experience with you in a documentary teaching kind of style way. I will help you along that way to learn from my experiences to say,

” I want to try that.”


“Yeah I thought about doing that, but after seeing him do that, it’s not for me.”

This is the heart behind Experimental Christian. I want to go down this road. And I would like you to join me.

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