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Greg Qualls - Rejecting Apathy and Pursuing Jesus
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Three Ways to Pray More
Three Ways to Pray More
Redeem Your Commute - Greg Qualls

14 Unique Ways to Redeem Your Commute

I've heard it said time and time again by Christian leaders and pastors that we should try to "redeem our commute."  I use to think this was a pretty dumb phrase.  I didn't realize that my commute was corrupt and needed redemption.  This was until I got a job with a new company, and now I have about a 40 minute round trip ...

Breath In and Breath Out (Breath Prayers) – Episode 4 – Experimental Christian

To be honest, breath prayers sounded pretty stupid when I first heard about them.  I'm not huge into repetition (hence the reason I experiment with something new every week).  So when I started this experiment, I didn't think I would find a practice that I would want to incorporate into my life. What are breath ...

Greg Qualls - Three things Christians should remember

Three Key Things Christians Should Remember Daily

Paul tells us to "take every thought captive." But what should christians be thinking about?  I have three suggestions. My routine used to be the same every morning.  I would get all my stuff together to go to work, but I couldn't find my keys.  So I would look in the usual places...nightstand, table, countertops, pants ...

Failing For Jesus – Episode 3 – Experimental Christian

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, - 1 Peter 5:6 (ESV) What happens when you fail?  What happens especially when you fail to avoid promoting yourself to those around?  Is God mad? Does God even care?  Is he listening? While it's hard to ...

Being a Disciple Isn't About What You Do

Being a Disciple Isn’t About What You Do

It's not you...really.  Being a disciple is not about you and it's not about what you do.  Being a disciple is all about someone else.  In our case, that someone is Jesus. It's hard to get our heads wrapped around this sometime.  Because everything in this world is so focused on what you do.  It's about becoming a ...

The Fast Way to Jesus – Episode 2 – Experimental Christian

Fasting is considered one of the most drastic spiritual disciplines....especially in America.  So what does happen when you stop eating and start pursuing Jesus? This week I decided to do a five-day fast.  I gave up everything, but water, juice, and coffee with honey.  While I didn't have any visions from heaven, I did ...